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RakaStaka Wine Rack, Beer Rack and Cans Rack

RakaStaka film clips on You Tube. Simply type in the search references or use the links below:

• Search Ref: RakaStaka with Gabby Logan & Alison Cork, Kitchen Life-Saver Ideas
33secs in – "a genius, little, really simple can buy those from any supermarket, they're widely available, they're fantastic.. " – Stef says: "Of course, who wouldn’t expect this to be so?"

• Search Ref: RakaStaka on Channel 11 News
3min 46secs in – “I love this next product, we were talking about it in the break……….”

• Search Ref: RakaStaka on CBS 2 Morning News
40secs in – “I like the RakaStaka……..…”

• Search Ref: RakaStaka Promo

User Testimonials:

“Stef, I have recently purchased your RakaStaka product for my husband’s wine bottles that have been rolling around the bottom of my fridge, for way too long! It has improved the constant debate over how much space is allowed for food verses alcohol! I now experience a stress free moment on opening my fridge, I love the order it has created. Thank you” – Sarah Jane Varnals

“I've just started using my RakaStakas for beer and they make me smile every time I use them. They're satisfying to use, like an iPod click wheel or a Velcro fastener.” – Jill Barringer

“What a great idea the RakaStaka is, as I'm sick to death of bottles rolling around my fridge. So well done!!” – Karen O’Shea

“I have looked for such a product in the past but not been able to find one, so was very pleased when I saw it on Dragons' Den.” – Claire Jackson

“Have received the RakaStakas we ordered. Can you make a RakaStaka for cans of beer as I also have these rolling around in my fridge!!” – Sarah Stancombe

“Received product many thanks works great fantastic idea hope it all goes well this is a product that should be out there.” – Kevin Rea

“I think they are a good idea and have ordered some more.” – Stephen Hague

“Thank you very much for my delivery of RakaStaka, I thought this was a brilliant idea the moment I saw it on Dragons Den. It has solved the problem very well and stopped my wife nagging at me for bottles rolling around in the fridge! I just wish that I had thought of it first,” – Ian Baxter

“They are fantastic for stacking beer bottles” – Louise Whitfield

“A great product!” – Keith Dailey

“Stef, the RakaStakas are marvellous - giving them to both kids for Xmas.” – Ken Christensen