"Aaaargh no more room - here's something worthy of your cash: The RakaStaka is a clever peice of plastic that allows you to stack beer bottles in or our of the fridge endlessly"

"Stack em up with the brilliantly simple RakaStaka. Each pack contains 3 wavy plastic gizmos that will neatly stack up to 15 small bottles of beer, water or soft drinks. Like Jenga, only without the collapse"

"You know how it is. You go for the biggest fridge you can afford, but there still never seems to be enough space for all of your booze. But sniff around the Internet and you'll find the ever-so-handy RakaStaka. Little more than plastic dividers that steady a row of horizontal bottles, they stop all the rolling about that happens whenever you take just one beer from your bottle pyramid.
How come no one thought of it years ago?"

"If you struggle to store bottles neatly and safely in your fridge, what you need is the highly effective new RakaStaka. This is a collection of specially molded plastic strips that an be placed, between bottles, in a number of space saving ways, enabling you to stack then tidely and securely"  

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