The RakaStaka Wine Rack - What else? (RakaStaka Wine Racks For Branded Gifts and Promotions)

It was hard to think, until now, of a more brilliant device than the classic Paperclip (inventor - Johan Vaaler - 1899) or a more recent, and again breathtakingly simple, the Post-it Note (inventor - Spencer Ferguson Silver for 3M - 1970). Both fulfilled a need, and being so much part of our lives, it's hard to imagine how we did without them.

A recent arrival has now entered to join the illustrious duo, again just as simple: The revolutionary and adaptable RakaStaka (inventor - Stefano Matheou - patent granted in 2008).

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Originally conceived with the fridge in mind, the RakaStaka now embraces all situations where beer bottles and drinks cans need to be neatly stored. The wine rack version, due to popular demand, has now been introduced into the range: RakaStaka Beer Bottle Rack; RakaStaka Can Rack and; RakaStaka Wine Rack.  All versions, including the larger wine rack, work brilliantly in consumers' domestic refrigerators, saving space and stopping bottles from rolling around, but the RakaStaka Wine Racks in particular are put to use throughout consumers' homes. 

Unforeseen at the time was RakaStaka's huge potential to carry 'at point of use' branding. Something the poor paperclip and, indeed, the Post-it Note, where dominant branding would be self defeating, can't handle.

Two RakaStaka Wine Racks - Each Wine Rack Printed With Wine Varietal Definitions

The printable areas on the three cavities of the RakaStaka Wine Rack, Beer Bottle Rack and Can Rack, offers a great space for placing branding, corporate messages or logos.  To demonstrate, the retail version of the RakaStaka Wine Racks each carry NINE printed wine varietal definitions.

Zoom In On RakaStaka Wine Rack Cavity To See Wine Varietal Definitions


No limitation on colours and whatever the brand accurate corporate colours, these can be matched whether as logos, or has been the case with Coors lager, the RakaStaka itself precisely matches the amber colour of the bottle.

COORS Branded RakaStaka Beer Bottle Rack - Wine Rack Above

The RakaStaka Wine Rack, Can Rack and the original Beer Bottle Rack  have been described, with good reason, as probably the most cost effective form of advertising and promotion, especially in these cash-strapped times. 365 days of continuous branding awareness where it matters most - at point of consumption.

Cost that in media spend!