So how do you get those problem beer bottles, wine bottles,  or drinks cans and bottles safely stacked in your fridge?
Simple - Use a RakaStaka!  (Now available for wine, beer cans, cider, soft drinks,  juices, smoothies, small mixers, WKD, Breezers, Smirnoff Ice, Archers and the like, as well as the popular 330ml beer bottles.)
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The worlds first specially designed rack and stacker for secure bottle and can stacking in any refrigerator, the unique RakaStaka is taking the bottle and can stacking world by storm. Simply use a RakaStaka between the rows of bottles or cans et voila, a secure stack of beer or wine. You have no more bottles falling over, or bottles rolling around, and you save loads of space in your fridge - without reducing the size of your essential stack of beer!

The RakaStaka invention, now  patented,  can be used in so many ways  -  in cupboards, on shelves, on work and table tops, as well as in the fridge!

Due to popular demand, the RakaStaka Wine Rack has been introduced to the range.  The RakaStaka Wine comes as a set of two wine racks.  They are truly versatile.  You can use the wine racks in the fridge, around the home, or even out in the garden to chill down your wines in winter - saving masses of fridge space!  You can see pictures of the RakaStaka Wine Racks in action on other pages in the site.

This is seriously the best fridge gadget, fridge gift and party gift idea available today! Simple to use, easy to buy and a great stocking filler at any time of the year. The ideal gift for both him and her....