There are many ways to store your wine bottles, but the RakaStaka wine rack is the most compact, space-saving and versatile that there is.

For example, you can use the RakaStaka wine racks together, to make a multi-layered stack of wine bottles for wine storage in a cupboard or in an alcove.  Alternatively, a great idea is to have the wine bottle stack as a unique display - on shelves, kitchen work surfaces or on the sideboard in the dining room.
You can also put the RakaStaka wine racks side by side to have your wine bottles in a row, safe and secure, with no chance of them rolling and falling off, or rolling into and knocking down other items

RakaStaka Wine Rack

Most wine racks are either fixed structures or less compact than the RakaStaka wine rack and so don't allow you the flexible options that RakaStaka does.  You might like to take one RakaStaka wine rack and put it in the fridge to have your white and rose wines chilling down for that special dinner party, whilst the rest of your RakaStaka wine racks are keeping the red wines stored elsewhere.

RakaStaka Wine Rack In The Fridge. Storage For White Wines And A Champagne

Other wine racks are great if you have unlimited space and you don't mind having an empty wine rack taking up floor space or cupboard space when your stocks are depleted, but with Rakastaka the wine racks fit into each other when not in use thereby freeing up your valuable space.
Another advantage of the RakaStaka wine rack is that you can store more wine bottles with it, in a given space, than you can with any other type of wine rack.

When Your Wine Bottles Are Chilling In the Wine Racks (Background) You Can Store Your Beer Bottle Racks And Can Rack In Your Fridge Door Pocket. Note How It Will Stop Other Items From Falling

The versatility of the RakaStaka wine rack is without compare, because you can make wine storage areas pretty much anywhere you want to around the home.  You can lift a whole stack of wine and move it into the garden for a BBQ party, or you could take just one of the wine rack layers and put it in the refrigerator to chill.

RakaStaka wine racks also boast another unique feature - they are printed with a descriptive flavour guide to some of the world's most popular wine varietals.

RakaStaka Wine Rack Features Informative Wine Varietal Definitions

The RakaStaka wine rack is such a simple and elegant invention.  Designed to be small yet strong in order to create portable yet solid stacks, or rows, of wine bottles in the most space-saving ways possible - and such brilliant value too!

There are two RakaStaka wine racks in each pack.

A RakaStaka Wine Rack, When Not In Use, Can Keep Items Stable In Your Bottom Rrefrigerator Door Pocket