Wine RakaStaka Bottle Stack Much more versatile than a wine rack.  Much more compact than a wine rack.  Much more portable than a wine rack. We introduce to you the RakaStaka Wine.
The brilliant RakaStaka design, originally developed for beer bottles, now comes to you in a wine size version.  (RakaStaka Wine comes as a pack of two.) No other drinks storage system is more space saving, easy to use or informative.  RakaStaka is unique - that’s why it’s been granted a patent!!  Buy your RakaStaka Wine today

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Wine definitions on RakaStaka wine Rack

RakaStaka is an aesthetically pleasing and devilishly clever invention that has been praised by its users who have persistently requested of us to produce other sizes.
Well, we have listened.  So not only is there now a new RakaStaka Wine available, but also a Can size version too. 

The RakaStaka Wine will fit all standard Bordeaux and Burgundy style bottles.  If you choose to drink Mateus Rosé – hey, that’s up to you, but it won’t fit in a RakaStaka.

The RakaStaka Can will fit all drinks cans plus the larger beer, cider and soft drinks bottles (e.g. 500ml + sizes).  (RakaStaka Can comes as a pack of two.)

With the RakaStaka Original, that makes three RakaStaka versions for you to use around the home.  Giving you the flexibility to use them in fridges, cupboards, on shelves, worktops, or wherever you want to store your favourite drinks!!

P.S.  RakaStaka Wine works brilliantly with most cans of food too!