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RakaStaka Wine Rack Chilling In A Winter Garden

In the winter months, refrigerator space can be at a real premium. There's Christmas and New Year, not to mention all those casseroles and stews that we make and need to keep chilled and fresh.

In the house it's perfectly alright to keep the red wines and white wines together, stored in your RakaStaka wine racks, but when guests are coming, to take the strain off your bursting fridge, why not use a RakaStaka wine rack outdoors for the white wines and rose wines that should be served really cold?

Wine rack and beer rack freezing outside

The RakaStaka wine rack can withstand freezing temperatures and won't be damaged by the elements, so you can use the cold of winter to chill your favourite drinks.

Wine bubbly in RakaStaka

Of course, as well as the RakaStaka wine rack, you can also use the RakaStaka Beer Bottle racks and RakaStaka Cans rack outside too.

Wine rack in the back yard

You will be amazed at how much valuable fridge space you can free up in winter, simply by using the RakaStaka wine rack, beer rack and can rack outside in your freezing cold garden, or on the back steps. The RakaStaka wine rack will work just perfectly on any flat, strong, outdoor surface.

Wine racks very cold

Enjoy your drinks just as cold as they should be, with the convenience of the RakaStaka wine rack.

Have a great New Year and revel in the cold weather!!