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RakaStaka Wine Rack Chilling In A Winter Garden

In the winter months, refrigerator space can be at a real premium. There's Christmas and New Year, not to mention all those casseroles and stews that we make and need to keep chilled and fresh. In the house it's perfectly alright to keep the red wines and white wines together, stored in your RakaStaka wine racks, but when guests are coming, to take the strain off your bursting fridge, why not use a RakaStaka wine rack outdoors for the white wines and rose wines that should be served really cold? The RakaStaka wine rack can withstand freezing temperatures and won't be damaged by the elements, so you can use the cold of winter to chill your favourite drinks. Of course,...

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Wine Racks And The RakaStaka Wine Rack

There are many ways to store your wine bottles, but the RakaStaka wine rack is the most compact, space-saving and versatile that there is. For example, you can use the RakaStaka wine racks together, to make a multi-layered stack of wine bottles for wine storage in a cupboard or in an alcove. Alternatively, a great idea is to have the wine bottle stack as a unique display - on shelves, kitchen work surfaces or on the sideboard in the dining room.You can also put the RakaStaka wine racks side by side to have your wine bottles in a row, safe and secure, with no chance of them rolling and falling off, or rolling into and knocking down other items Most...

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Wine and wine racks: A brief journey through time

Back in the days of Mesopotamian and Egyptian winemaking, the winemakers stored their wines in clay flacks. These were stamped with the vineyards name and vintage (just like they do today). This went on for over 1,000 years, through the Grecian wine trade until the Romans grew to power. To begin with, the Romans drank little wine, but in later years they became heavy drinkers which led to wine festivals. There was also a strong connection between wine and religion too. When their empire collapsed they embraced Christianity and early missionaries carried the vine into northern Europe. They needed sacramental wines, so sensibly wherever they built a church or abbey they planted a vineyard! The Romans, amongst other things, developed...

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BBC Dragons' Den

RakaStaka featured on series 2 of BBC's Dragons Den, which aired on 15 November 2005. The Dragons offered Stef £100,000 for 40% of his business. They thought it was a "superb concept" and "an ideal gift". Stef bravely turned down their offer. He continues to promote RakaStaka worldwide.

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