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Do you struggle to store bottles neatly and safely in the fridge? Precarious pyramids will become a thing of the past with the ingenious RakaStaka.

Originally conceived with the fridge in mind, the RakaStaka now embraces all situations where beer bottles and drink cans need to be neatly stored.


There are now many types of RakaStaka:

  • RakaStaka Wine Bottle Racks
  • RakaStaka Champagne Bottle Racks
  • RakaStaka Beer Bottle Racks
  • RakaStaka Drink Can Racks
  • RakaStaka Customised To Order

When interleaved amongst bottles, these specially moulded strips provide a support network which literally defies gravity. This prevents stacks of soft drinks, water, bottled beer, or bottles of wine rolling around the fridge or on stable surfaces.

  • No more rolling bottles
  • Get more of your favourite drinks chilling
  • Guaranteed sturdy design
  • Made of tough injection-moulded polystyrene


RakaStaka racked bottles

Buy extra packs and keep your cupboards and your shelves in order too!

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Beer Bottle Rack
Height 33mm
Width 183mm
Depth 90mm
Beer & Drinks Can Rack
Height 37mm
Width 203mm
Depth 90mm
Wine Rack
Height 45mm
Width 242mm
Depth 95mm